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Considering ‘Where to live in Doncaster?’ When you start looking for a new home there are many things you are likely to consider, such as your personal finances, mortgage arrangements and the best deal for you. When it comes to the house you will also be considering the best location, local amenities, what you get for your money. Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when you start looking for your new home.

1. Where to Live, Doncaster City or Rural Location

Whether you want a city location or are you looking for a more rural setting, The location in will be important, be sure to consider this carefully, as this could also affect important aspects of your life, such as the commute to work, access to local amenities, shops, schools etc.

2. Transport

For many people, there are some factors we all generally have to consider, how we get to work. So access to major transport links, railway or bus station, motorway links.

3. Schools, Colleges

For those with children, an important factor is usually the quality of the local school. There are some great schools in Nottingahm and you will probably already taken a look at the school league tables and will have some opinions on which school(s) you would like your children to attend. Check the catchment areas, this will then provide you with the area(s) to consider your new home.

4. Doncaster – Local Amenities

What you are looking for from the local area may differ depending on your lifestyle. Some of the things you may consider are the proximity of local shops, the nearest supermarket and maybe how close you are to bars, restaurants. You may also like to have local parks, open spaces, gym’s etc. We recommend you make a shortlist, what you need and what you would ‘like’. When you find a house you are interested in you can then compare with your ‘wish list’

5. Family & Friends

Very much a personal choice and will depend on your circumstances. For example, you need family support with the children, help with school runs and childcare. Your friends are important so so it may also be that you would like to be as close to them as possible, or at least just a short distance away.

6. Value for Money

Value for money. Where you buy your next home will affect how far your money will go and what you get in a home for the money you spend. So you may need to compromise on location to get what you are looking for in your new house

7. Where to Live – Local Community

Being ‘part of the community’ can be important to some. Check out the area for things that may interest you; arts, crafts, book fairs, local events at the community hall etc .Ssee what happens in the local area, ask the estate agent to find out for you or look at local websites

8. Doncaster House Prices – Long Term

People will usually view their new home is a long term investment and we all expect house prices to rise. Future house prices could change due to many factors. Take a look and see if the local area has investment plans such as,  new road links, local developments, shops, sports facilities. Even companies investing in the area could all have an affect your future house value, so do a little research if this is important to you.


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