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Mortgage Broker in Doncaster – Mortgage Advice in Doncaster

Mortgage Advisor in Doncaster & Surrounding Areas

FREE Mortgage Consultation for ALL Customers
EXPERIENCED Mortgage Advice
ALL Mortgage Situations

By Malcolm Davidson & The Team at Doncastermoneyman.com

Mortgage Broker in Doncaster

Welcome to our mortgage website – we provide Open & Honest Face to Face Mortgage Advice in Doncaster.
As an Experienced Mortgage Broker, we work for you to find you the most suitable mortgage deal for your individual needs.

Often, getting a mortgage with your bank is not straightforward – their mortgage advice processes can be frustrating and drawn out – So using a Mortgage Broker that you can talk to any-time and with IN-DEPTH INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE and the ability to work fast on your behalf can prove invaluable.

Remove the stress of buying a new home or remortgaging!

As a Specialist Mortgage Broker, we have access to 1000s of mortgage products from a large number of mortgage lenders, some of which are very specialist, designed to help customers in various situations.  Some of these situations are more common than you might think! – Have you got a COMPLEX Mortgage Situation…??

Are you self-employed, have poor credit, receive income from a variety of sources, owner of a limited company, married but want to buy in a sole name, bankrupt in the past, anything else?  We receive enquiries on a daily basis from people who are having difficulty getting a mortgage – with access to a large number of mortgage lenders and in-depth knowledge of their criteria – we can usually help!

Mortgage Advice in Doncaster & Surrounding Areas


Got a Complicated Mortgage Situation … ??

Wanting more SPECIALIST MORTGAGE ADVICE … ?? We can help you with this…

We are able to advice on the Governments HELP TO BUY MORTGAGE SCHEME – Forces Help to Buy Mortgage options are also available.

– FACE to FACE Mortgage Advice in Doncaster & Surrounding Areas – 
– ALL Mortgage Situations Considered – 
– FREE Mortgage Consultation for ALL Customers –
– Open & Honest Mortgage Advice – 
– LOCAL Experienced Mortgage Broker – 

With the steady recovery of house prices in our area and the high demand for good rental accommodation in Doncaster and South Yorkshire, this has resulted in an increase of customers wanting to keep hold of their existing properties to rent out as a buy to let investment and to move on up the property ladder.  This type of transaction is called a Let to Buy – LET TO BUY MORTGAGE ADVICE – a popular enquiry of ours! Wanting Let to Buy Mortgage Advice …. ?? We can help you with this ….

– Doncastermoneyman.com –
– Mortgage Broker in Doncaster & Surrounding Areas –

Have you got a COMPLICATED MORTGAGE situation…?
or ASK us a QUESTION …???
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Why not try us?  You’ll receive a free consultation…

The banks mortgage advice process can also be very slow with loyal customers having to wait weeks to even speak to a Mortgage Advisor – resulting in lots of lost time and added pressure if you have seen a property you like – What if, after your appointment, your own bank can’t help you after waiting and waiting? – We can move quickly for you to ensure you get the property that you want! 

Here are some of our Mortgage Advice Services –
ALL Mortgage Situations Considered

Often clients who contact us have already spoken their own banks Mortgage Advisor and have been turned away for one reason or another
 – Popular reasons include, being self-employed, income type i.e. dividends/salary/tax credits and maintenance payments, bank won’t lend enough, employment contracts and probation periods, marital status, credit history, employment status, age, credit score, not meeting the banks’ lending criteria and many more …

This is where the services of an Experienced Mortgage Broker in Doncaster – like us – can usually help …. HAVING MORTGAGE PROBLEMS…?

Have you got a Complicated Mortgage Situation or having problems with an existing mortgage application?
– See if we can help ?? Contact us

If your personal situation is more COMPLEX and you require a Specialist Mortgage Advisor then rest assured you are in safe hands with my team and me, there is very rarely an enquiry we haven’t come across before – Why not see if we can help you!

With the affordable house prices, Doncaster is becoming increasingly popular with Buy to Let Landlords – We work with both first-time landlords and experienced property investors looking to build portfolios – Buy to Let Mortgage Advice in Doncaster

– We are NOT tied to Estate Agents – We have YOUR Interests at Heart! –
– Mortgage Advice in Doncaster & Surrounding Areas –
– FREE Mortgage Consultation for ALL customers – 

As we are not tied to a particular Estate Agent or Mortgage Lender we work solely for you throughout your whole mortgage transaction – you can contact us anytime 8 am to 10 pm 7 DAYS to talk through an enquiry or discuss an application.


It is advisable to speak with a Mortgage Broker like us prior to viewing houses with Estate Agents so we can give you an idea of your budget and to have a Mortgage Agreement in Principle document ready to support any offers you make.

We hope you enjoy our website and feel free to get in touch anytime!

Arrange a FREE Mortgage Consultation … ( Call / E-mail / Text  )

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Mortgage Broker in Doncaster
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Open & Honest Mortgage Advice in Doncaster

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UK Moneyman Limited registered in England, registered number 6789312 and registered office 10 Consort Court, Hull, HU9 1PU.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate most buy to let mortgages.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

We normally charge a fee for mortgage advice; however, this will be dependent on your circumstances, our typical fee is £599.

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